Ohio River Bridges Project: Project Update

phot courtesy of the Ohio River Bridges website

phot courtesy of the Ohio River Bridges website

We recently spoke with the project manager on the Ohio River Bridges Project, who provided us with the following information on property acquisitions:

They are actively buying property and making offers on the East end of the project. They are about 50% complete with acquisitions on the East end in both Kentucky and Indiana and  offers should be complete by the beginning of 2011 in Kentucky. Aquisitions in Indiana are taking a bit longer, but they do expect all ROW work on the East end to be complete by 2012.

Right now they are actively seeking appraisals or property in downtown Kentucky, which is proving to be more difficult. At this time they have bought 5 parcels and they are trying to get appraisals done on 36 more – they are hoping to make offers by spring of 2011.

The downtown Indiana portion of the project is still being studied as a plant that was previously figured into the plans has since been shutdown;  this will dramatically change what they had planned on doing, but at this time it hasn’t been determined what they will do.

Because this project serves a public purpose and use, eminent domain can be used if negotiations with property owners can not be reached.


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