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South Dakota’s Veterans Parkway project is a significant infrastructure initiative that aims to connect I-29 to the previously completed Veterans Parkway. The construction is divided into four segments, with the first segment set to begin in 2023.

When complete, the new roadway will bear resemblance to the section north of Arrowhead Parkway, featuring three lanes per direction, a 32-foot raised median to separate the travel lanes, and a shared-use path on the south side of the Parkway, separated from the roadway by a grass boulevard. The designated speed limit along Veterans Parkway will be 55 mph.

Segment 1, from Western Avenue to Cliff Avenue, will include the installation of a pedestrian underpass west of Minnesota Avenue, and ADA-compliant traffic signals at the intersections of Veterans Parkway and Western Avenue, Minnesota Avenue, and Cliff Avenue. Construction is scheduled to begin in spring 2023 and continue until fall 2024.

Moving on to Segment 2, from I-29 to Western Avenue, the anticipated design will be completed in summer 2023, followed by construction in spring 2024 to fall 2025. This segment will feature pedestrian underpasses between Tallgrass Avenue and Louise Avenue, as well as Louise Avenue and Western Avenue near Harrisburg schools. Also, ADA-compliant traffic signals will be installed at intersections with Albers Avenue, Tallgrass Avenue, and Louise Avenue.

Segment 3, from Cliff Avenue to Sycamore Avenue, will have the design completed by summer 2024, with construction taking place from spring 2025 to fall 2026. Pedestrian underpasses will be installed between Cliff Avenue and Southeastern Avenue, and Southeastern Avenue and Sycamore Avenue. Moreover, ADA-compliant traffic signals will be set up at intersections with Southeastern Avenue and Sycamore Avenue. An overpass is also planned to be installed at the BNSF railroad.

Finally, Segment 4 is set to stretch from Sycamore Avenue to 57th Street, will have its design completed by summer 2025, with construction expected to occur from spring 2026 to fall 2027. This segment will include pedestrian underpasses between Sycamore Avenue and 69th Street, as well as 69th Street and 57th Street. ADA-compliant traffic signals are also slated for installation at the intersections with 69th Street and 57th Street.

Overall, the Veterans Parkway project is slated to enhance transportation infrastructure in the region, offering improved connectivity and a safer commuting experience for residents and travelers alike.

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