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Here is what some property owners had to say about us

“I want to say ‘thank you’.  It is so refreshing to know a law office that does what it says it will do…thank you again for representing me against a government bureaucracy and ‘eminent domain’…you are truly an expert in this field, and I am grateful.”
Jerald Lang
“The informational meeting made [Biersdorf & Associates] stand out.  There wasn’t a doubt that we would use [you].
Jan Behling
“[Biersdorf & Associates] promptly returned my calls…they made precise decisions and there was no beating around the bush.”
Gerald Baker
“…Thank You. It is a small thing compared to what you did for me, I still am amazed at your generosity.” 
Rhonda Spears
“[Biersdorf & Associates] definitely achieved the results we were looking for… [I was most impressed with] Dan’s clout.  He didn’t have to do an appraisal for our case, he just went in there and talked to them and all of a sudden we were at a higher number!  I would definitely recommend Biersdorf & Associates”
William Dennehy
“Biersdorf & Associates has an ingrain[ed] desire to help people!” 
Hal Lafluer
“[I was] very satisfied. [We] got more money than the DOT offered. [It was] great working with Biersdorf & Associates.” 
Roland Thomas
I cannot recommend Biersdorf & Associates enough! After receiving a “notice of intent” from our county’s right of way agent, we had no idea what to do OR what our rights were. They responded to my inquiry, and reviewed my documents quickly. Dan’s thoughtful and honest counsel saved us thousands of dollars and many hours. By far the most efficient experience we’ve ever had with a firm.
Stacy from Colorado
“You treated us better than family! [You] came right to our home and went to Madison for us, you were the best!  [The] DOT was so smart when they were here; you showed them that the little guy can be right and got us a nice chunk of money…thank you so much!”
John & Pat Schmalz
“I’m no expert in these matters, so it was nice to have solid advice from Dan Biersdorf and all of his associates.  [They] are a nice team of professionals, thank you Dan and Kelly.”
Dave Brummel
“Thanks for the time, advice-feedback…all very valuable.  Maybe there will be [more] things to battle…if so, I will call you.”
Jay Montpetite
“You did more than anyone else ever tried to do for us and no words can truly explain what that means to us.”  
Karla Ortiz
“I liked that everyone [at Biersdorf & Associates] seemed to have all the fine details ironed out…the mediation was good…I felt confident that they knew what they were doing.  We originally thought we would get less, and we actually got more than we thought [we would], so it turned out well!  I would recommend Biersdorf & Associates.” 
Jodi Foell
“I’m very happy, I’m very happy.  It was a long trip…[the attorneys and experts] were well prepared before going into the courtroom… If you want any [potential client] to call me, I’ll stand off good.”
Roger Lingofeldt
“Your insights were extremely helpful and your advice appears to be right on the money. Your refusal to take any remuneration for your time was both refreshing and appreciated.” 
Bruce Frimerman
I spoke with you way back in march on a temp construction eminent domain condemnation case in Missouri related to a city pump station project. I have struggled to find legal help to result in a more good faith offer and you were by far the most helpful of anyone I talked to.” 
Jeff Zimmerman
“ You’ve read about the “I can unequivocally claim that we have been very pleased with the work that your law firm has performed on our behalf. Our only regret is that we did not contact your firm sooner…”
Chris Pehaski
“[We are] so glad that we hired you and went ahead with the court case against them!  [I] just cannot believe how the DOT functions and how they treat people!  You have been really great and did a tremendous job! Thank you.”
Gene & Emily Ruffing
“You did what you said you would…[I am] very satisfied.” 
Tom Patterson
“Dan listened to me; some of the attorney’s I have spoken to around my state do all the talking, but do not hear what we are saying.”
Theresa Cornell
[Biersdorf & Associates] did a super job…it worked out good!  [Attorney] E. Kelly Keady knew exactly what he was doing; he knew what we were going to get before we started…I didn’t even expect that [amount]!  I would definitely recommend Biersdorf & Associates.”
Pat Gedig
“[Biersdorf & Associates] knowledge and experience in the condemnation process stood out.” 
Patrick Dowd
“I want to take a moment to say thank you for your prompt responses and your professionalism. You are the perfect ombudsmen for the firm. Thank you Dan for your professional insight and the time you took out of your day to make me an educated consumer. You were concise, matter of fact and gracious.” 
Dr. William J. Roche