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The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has proposed new improvements to US 80, from FM 460 to Spur 557, a 12-mile stretch of US 80 east of Dallas. The improvements are designed to better handle projected population and traffic growth over the coming years. Adding additional lanes and improving the frontage roads will help reduce congestion and support the growing population.

The estimated $850 million project will involve reconstructing that stretch of US 80 between FM
460 and Spur 557, transforming it and Spur 557 from four-lane divided highways to six-lane
divided highways with auxiliary lanes and a center concrete barrier. Rights-of-way would be
widened to 300 to 500 feet, depending on the specific section of roadway. The concrete barriers
would replace the current grassy medians between the east- and westbound lanes.

The proposed improvements involve adding continuous two- or three-lane, one-way frontage
roads in each direction. This is designed to fill the existing frontage road gaps, and will replace
the existing two-way frontage roads. In addition to the road improvements, the project also
includes making improvements to ramps, adding shared use paths and sidewalks and
reconstructing bridges. The current roadways do not have pedestrian or cyclist accommodations.

If the project moves forward, TxDOT estimates that it will require about 56 acres of additional
right-of-way. The current plan would displace two residences, two billboards and one business.
Those who have to relocate will be contacted by a TxDOT relocation assistance counselor, and
are encouraged to take advantage of the state-sponsored relocation assistance program.

The project’s data collection phase started in 2022, and TxDOT held a public meeting in July
2022 to invite public comment. Currently, the project is in the design phase, and an
environmental assessment is ongoing. TxDOT will have another public meeting in spring 2023.
The agency expects to receive environmental clearance and start acquiring rights-of-way (ROWs) by summer or fall 2023. The project will be ready to let by 2026. The public is encouraged to share their comments at the upcoming public meeting, especially if they have concerns about how the improvements will affect their homes, businesses, schools and more. Currently, no source of funding for the project has been identified.

Contact us if you have more questions about the project, any questions about the eminent domain process and/or if you want a personalized map of how your property may be impacted.