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The Stride bus rapid transit program by Sound Transit, once promising swift and efficient travel, is facing significant delays. The three projects, known as the S1, S2, and S3 Stride lines, are now trailing one to two years behind the 2021 schedule and a staggering three to four years behind the original Sound Transit 3 plan. These delays are attributed to construction industry constraints and slower procurement timeframes, causing concerns among commuters and transit authorities alike.

While the delays continue to frustrate stakeholders, Sound Transit has managed to launch some parts of the capital investment program for current bus services. Notably, the agency has completed the environmental remediation of the South Renton Transit Center and construction is underway on I-405 in Renton. Additionally, the Bothell-Kenmore business access and transit lane on SR 522 has been completed, benefiting Sound Transit Express and King County Metro services.

Despite the setbacks, Sound Transit is committed to launching three Stride lines in the next five years. The S1 Line will primarily run on I-405 from Burien to Bellevue, covering 17 miles and five stops by 2028. Similarly, the S2 Line will serve a 20-mile route from Lynnwood to Bellevue with seven stops by 2028. The S3 Line will cover eight miles and 14 stops, mostly on SR 522 between Shoreline South/148th Station and I-405 and is set to launch by 2027.

One of the major challenges facing the Stride program is the controversy in Lake Forest Park. Proposed highway expansions for the S3 Line have raised concerns among residents, with opposition citing the removal of trees, private property encroachment, and construction of new retaining walls. In response, Lake Forest Park officials are pursuing special regulations for retaining walls, adding complexity to the project.

The Stride bus rapid transit program faces significant delays, affecting its implementation and completion. Sound Transit is working diligently to address the challenges posed by the construction industry and procurement timelines. However, controversies in Lake Forest Park and permitting delays in Bothell pose additional hurdles for the project. Despite these setbacks, the agency remains committed to bringing efficient and eco-friendly transit options to the region and aims to complete the Stride lines within the next few years.

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