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The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has proposed improvements to FM 1385 in Denton County. The project would involve reconstructing and widening FM 1385 between US 380 and FM 455. This is a 12-mile stretch of road northeast of the city of Denton.

Currently, FM 1385 is a two-lane roadway. If approved, the project includes constructing a six-lane divided urban roadway, spanning from US 380 to Mustang Road. There will also be a four-lane interim (and six-lane ultimate) divided urban roadway between Mustang Road and FM 455, which includes sidewalks and shared use paths. The central portion of FM 1385 at Mustang Road will be realigned, to connect FM 1385 to the north and south. Finally, the southern portion of FM 1385 at Gee Road/Fishtrap Road will be realigned and relocated to flatten out the S curve at Gee Road/Fishtrap Road. The project is designed to reduce congestion, prepare for predicted population growth, improve travel times and encourage safer pedestrian or bicycle travel along the shared use paths and sidewalks.

TxDOT estimates that the project will require around 124 acres of new right-of-way. It may also displace two homes, a utility, one commercial structure and a billboard. Those who must relocate are encouraged to seek relocation assistance through TxDOT’s relocation assistance program. The project is estimated to cost $132 million, and includes $7.7 million from Denton County’s bond program.

The project began in 2018 with data collection and the initial design process. Environmental studies were performed from 2020 through 2022, and two public meetings have been held to invite public comment. At this time, no potential harm to the environment has been identified. The right-of-way acquisition will begin this year, followed by the final design process and right-of-way and utility adjustments. That phase will last until 2025, and the ready-to-let date is Fall 2025.

Once designs are finalized, a further environmental analysis will be performed to ensure that the project is in full compliance. Currently, sound barriers have been proposed at certain locations along the widened stretch of reduce the environmental impact on nearby homes, businesses, parks and wildlife.

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