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The $71.4 million State Route 347 corridor project is nearly a third complete. The project started a year ahead of schedule and seeks to widen the route between Gibbs Pond Road and Hallock Road in Smithtown and Brookhaven. Construction will continue through the winter as long as the weather is favorable, and is estimated to conclude by late 2024.

The project is part of New York state’s plan to transform the current infrastructure into a shared-use road suitable for drivers, public transit users, pedestrians and bicyclists. So far, the state has invested over $200 million along State Route 347, a 12-mile stretch of road between State Routes 454 and 25A. The improvements include new travel lanes, crosswalks, traffic signals and similar construction. The goal, according to Governor Kathy Hochul, is to make commuting safer and more efficient for people living in and traveling through Long Island.

Construction began in April 2022 on the most recent phase. This includes excavating nearly 50,000 cubic yards of soil in order to install underground utilities, expanding the roadway and extending the existing Parks to Ports Greenway shared-use path. The state has also installed new water mains, storm drainage pipes and erected new retaining walls.

Prior to this phase, five other construction phases have been initiated along State Route 347. The next phase to be rebuilt is located between Hallock Road and Nicholls Road (Suffolk County Route 97). This project, which has similar goals to the current widening project, is in the design phase. The Department of Transportation is also looking for ways to accelerate the timeline, which was originally planned for late 2025 or early 2026.

Ultimately, the State Route 347 projects will address the increased needs of drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. Population has exploded since the route was originally built for farm deliveries. When the project is complete, it will better connect North Shore communities to the state parkway system, and reduce commute frustrations.

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