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Fullest Extent Rule in Eminent Domain

An owner must be compensated for all damage the condemnor will have a right to inflict on the property and not just for what the condemnor plans to do with the land acquired. In other words, courts must presume that condemnor will use the rights acquired to their maximum extent. This is called the Fullest […]

Overview of Severance Damages in Eminent Domain

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Eminent Domain and the Superior Attributes of the Parcel Taken

Oftentimes in condemnation, a retail store owner or convenience store owner will need to relocate their business.  Even minor changes of geography can have a major impact on sales.  The government often claims that this decline in sales is due to the business owner and refuses to provide compensation for this loss, thus overlooking a […]


Eminent Domain by State

Are you facing eminent domain and need an eminent domain attorney? Are you familiar with eminent domain and do you know what to expect when the government initiates the acquisition process? If not, you should learn more about eminent domain. Select your state below to learn more about property rights, eminent domain attorneys, and the eminent […]

Future Right of Way Set-Asides

Proximity Damages in Eminent Domain

Selling a Remainder Parcel

Uneconomic Remnants in Eminent Domain