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The City of Chaska has proposed a project to readjust lanes, elimination of street parking, and incorporating pedestrian areas throughout downtown Chaska. The objective of this project is to create a smoother ride, improve safety and accessibility along the highway between Pioneer Trail and Hwy 5 in Chaska. See a map of the project below:

The vision for Highway 41 is to shift the highway from four lanes down to three- one northbound lane, one southbound lane, and turning lanes. The project is also set to include a pedestrian underpass. This reconstruction will provide a safer and more welcoming environment for pedestrians and bicycle users, improved ADA accessibility, a revitalization of downtown expected to benefit existing businesses and attracting new ones, while also ensuring safer and more reliable routes for all modes of transportation.

At other spots along Highway 41, the DOT plans to add curb ramps to improve accessibility that meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act Standards, extend guardrails, and replace traffic signals. The project timeline aims for the final project design to be completed in Spring 2022, while construction is tentatively scheduled to begin Phase 1 in Summer/Fall 2022. Phase 2 is expected to commence in Spring/Fall 2023.

If you are a land owner impacted by the project, we will review your offer and appraisal at no cost. We have at least one business that we are representing on this project.

Learn more about the eminent domain law in the state of Minnesota.