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The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has begun notifying York County residents that their properties will be seized under eminent domain. The land will be acquisitioned as part of the Interstate 83 widening project. The $330 million project will cover five miles of the I-83 corridor and will take roughly five years to complete. In total, the department of transportation expects to partially or completely seize around 200 properties in North York, Springettsbury, Spring Garden and Manchester townships. In the case of complete acquisition under eminent domain, property owners are promised compensation for their entire properties, as well as assistance with relocation.

Although property owners have been notified of the land acquisitions for this project, no appraisals or monetary offers have been made yet. Three early-action items for the project need to be completed before the I-83 widening can begin, and two of these projects are already underway. With so many properties subject to acquisition, eminent domain attorneys expect many property owners to seek legal assistance to receive just compensation for their losses. The Department of Transportation’s monetary offers often do not sufficiently compensate for property loss and damage. Additionally, the state’s offers rarely cover the expenses of property owners who are forced to relocate their homes or find a new commercial property for their businesses.

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