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Roundabouts are becoming popular among states as there is construction more and more every year and they are outpacing the standard traffic light intersection projects.  In short, roundabouts are being used because they work well.  A roundabout used at the right location will let you get through the intersection more safely and in less time.  Roundabouts show a 89 percent decrease in fatal crashes, a 74 percent decrease in life-altering injury crashes and a 39 percent decrease in all crashes.  Roundabouts handle high levels of traffic with less delay than most stop signs or signals.  The entry curve slow traffic so entering and exiting is easier and more efficient.

By 2011, over 3,000 roundabouts have been established in the United States and this number continues to grow. One of the largest issues is that most of the US population never had experience driving through roundabouts.  Beyond that, there was no formal roundabout training in our drivers license classes.  This poses a huge problem for the population confronting these in our roadways.  Most of us have learned how to use them or we just flat out avoid them.  At this point they are here to stay.

How will a potential roundabout impact your property?  Well, maps are readily available from the condemning authority or you can contact us if it’s far enough along.  If so, we can help you determine how the roundabout will impact your property today and future use.

Depending on the circumstances, property value could be considerably damaged.  We have worked with property owners that have had roundabouts impact their development, farming operations, commercial property and more.  A few restaurants have been seriously impacted by access and parking loss as roundabouts tend to need more space than standard intersections.  There are several issues that roundabouts bring to property owners affected, please consult with an eminent domain attorney if you have any questions or concerns.