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At Biersdorf & Associates, we exclusively battle the government and other condemning authority on behalf of property owners to recover claims for losses occurring in eminent domain and other property valuation cases.

We have experience as eminent domain attorneys representing land owners with the following issues: challenging the right to take, recovery of additional damages, inverse condemnation claims, regulatory takings, land use issues and constitutional law issues related to real estate.

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Are you facing eminent domain and need an eminent domain attorney? Are you familiar with eminent domain and do you know what to expect when the government initiates the acquisition process? If not, you should learn more about eminent domain. If you are familiar with eminent domain, then select your state below to learn more about property rights, eminent domain attorneys, and the eminent domain laws that are specific to your state.



We have designed this website as a tool for property owners to use to inform themselves about eminent domain, an eminent domain attorney, also known as condemnation law. Please browse through the information contained within these various pages to learn more about the process that the government will use to acquire your property and how you can get the help you need to ensure that you are fairly compensated for your losses. You should know that property rights and the eminent domain process vary by state, and in some states, attorney’s fees are paid for by the condemning authority. For these reasons, we have created state specific content related to the eminent domain process, property rights, and eminent domain attorney. If you are in the state of Wisconsin for example, you can review hiring a Wisconsin eminent domain attorney, learn about the Wisconsin eminent domain process as well as your property rights in the state.

The fact that you are here says that you want to become more educated before making any possible mistakes. We have the experience and expertise to be your eminent domain attorney, nationwide. We are glad you’re here and want you to know that we are available to assist you. We hope this site is helpful to you and look forward to hearing from you!

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Listen to Dan Biersdorf discuss Eminent Domain with Dottie Herman, CEO of Douglas Elliman on her recent Eye on Real Estate show on AM 970.


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