Why Biersdorf to be your Eminent Domain Attorney?

Knowledge as an Eminent Domain Attorney

  • We at Biersdorf & Associates work as an eminent domain attorney on cases every day¬†eminent domain attorney
  • We maintain a caseload of 60 to 100 eminent domain cases at all times
  • We have clients in or have handled cases in 18 states around the country
  • We have addressed a wide variety of property valuation issues:
    • Total and partial takings
    • Loss of access
    • Wetland designation’s impact on value
    • Loss of development potential
    • Physical destruction to property during construction
    • Takings that create non-conforming uses
    • Inverse Condemnation
    • Contamination issues related to just compensation
    • Mineral Rights

Skill as an Eminent Domain Attorney

  • We review and critique appraisals on an ongoing basis, allowing us to quickly assess strengths and weaknesses in appraisal reports
  • Background as trial lawyers gives us the experience and knowledge needed to take any case to trial
  • We successfully obtained decisions in various appellate and state supreme courts to expand the rights of property owners
  • Our ability to handle cases in a broader number of jurisdictions allows us to focus on larger cases with unusual issues that ultimately help redefine the law in favor of property owners

Experience as an Eminent Domain Attorney

  • We have recovered damages in excess of 14 times the original offer
  • We have handled cases with disputed land values as high as $57,000,000
  • We handle eminent domain and other valuation cases involving all types of properties:
    • Agricultural property
    • Apartment complexes eminent domain attorney
    • Automobile dealerships
    • Beachfront property
    • Commercial development property
    • Corporate headquarter complexes
    • Food processing facilities
    • Industrial buildings
    • Office buildings
    • Quarries
    • Residential development property
    • Restaurants
    • Shopping centers
    • Subsidized housing
    • Warehouse


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” …It is so refreshing to know a law office that does what it says it will do…you are truly an expert in this field and I am greatful…”

- Jerald Lang,Marshfield, WI

“[I was] very satisfied. [We] got more money than the DOT offered. [It was] great working with Biersdorf & Associates.”

- Roland Thomas,Lowman, NY

“Dan listened to me; some of the attorney’s I have spoken to around my state do all the talking, but do not hear what we are saying.”

- Theresa Cornell,Milton, WV

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