Eminent Domain Strategy

Part 1: Eminent Domain Strategy: Not Accepting the Offer

When determine your strategy, it is important to understand that you should consult with an eminent domain attorney instead of accepting the initial offer. Dan Biersdorf, lead eminent domain attorney discusses this eminent domain strategy in more detail in the first video.

Part 2: Do I Need an Eminent Domain Attorney?

Dan Biersdorf discusses whether you should hire an eminent domain attorney in the second video.

Part 3: Criteria for Selecting an Eminent Domain Attorney

In part 3 of the video series, Dan Biersdorf discusses the criteria for hiring an eminent domain attorney.

Part 4: Selecting an Eminent Domain Appraiser

Selecting an eminent domain appraiser can be a difficult task, Dan explains why.

eminent domain strategy

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