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Strategy Considerations in Eminent Domain

Everything You Need to Know About Eminent Domain

The History of Eminent Domain Eminent domain has a fairly simple definition: the power of government (legally known as “the sovereign”) to take property from private individuals, businesses, and non-governmental entities. The taking of property is known in some states as an acquisition, while eminent domain is frequently called condemnation. Although it is sometimes thought […]

Hiring Experts in Eminent Domain

Once a property owner realizes that an eminent domain taking is inevitable, the next thought transitions to “how much just compensation should be paid for what is being taken?” To answer that question, most people think “hire an appraiser”. While that is true, most owners do not realize that the full answer is actually much […]

The Right to Take in Eminent Domain

Public Use Requirement and the Right to Take Transcription of the Video Hello, everyone, this is Dan Biersdorf. I’m an eminent domain lawyer, and this video represents the second in our series entitled to be vigilant about eminent domain, big brother may not be your friend. The first video that we did basically gave our […]

Eminent Domain Damages

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