I-73 South Segment A1 and A2 in South Carolina

Interstate 73 was identified as a high priority route from Michigan to South Carolina in the Intermodal Surface Transportation Equity Act (ISTEA) that the US Congress passed in 1991. The study area for I-73 in South Carolina followed the Great Pee Dee River to US 378 west of Conway, traveled along US 378 to US 501 and followed US 501 to the coast. It then proceeded up the coast to the North Carolina state line.

Image courtesty of the South Carolina DOT

Image courtesty of the South Carolina DOT

In May 2009 the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) Commission voted to focus efforts on I-73 to identify sufficient funding for the segment of I-73 between I-95 and US 501 in Dillon County. The intent is to construct a portion of I-73 in this area.

Currently, a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) permit for impacts to wetlands, streams, and other jurisdictional waters is being prepared for the I-73 project. The permit application is in its final stages of preparation. SCDOT is working with the USACE to develop this major permit application. This permit will include potential construction impacts and a plan for providing mitigation for the unavoidable wetland and stream impacts associated with I-73.

In addition to preparing the permit for impacts to wetlands, SCDOT is also working on acquiring the necessary property needed to construct segments A1 and A2 of I-73 South. Segment A1 will extend from S-38 (Centerville Road) to Waterside Drive, and Segment A2 will extend from Waterside Drive to the Dillon County Line.

Because this project serves a public use and purpose, the SCDOT will have the authority to use eminent domain if negotiations can not be reached.  Property owners who are affected by this project should be aware of their rights under South Carolina eminent domain law. Property owners are entitled to receive just compensation for their loss. Also, South Carolina law mandates that attorney’s fees and costs be paid for by the government if the final award as determined by the court is closer to the landowners valuation than the government’s valuation. Learn more about South Carolina eminent domain law.

The ROW plans for segments A1 and A2 are following. These maps identify which property owners affected by the project in these 2 segments.  These files are large, so they will take considerable time to open.

ROW Plans I-73 South Segment A-1
ROW plans for I-73 South Segment A-2

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