2nd Avenue Subway Project Information

In a recent blog post about this project, we provided detailed information regarding the 2nd Avenue Subway Project along with links and documents.  Numerous property owners have requested more concise, basic information about the project, so we’re providing those details below.

While it’s difficult for us to get information on individual parcels from the MTA staff, we have been informed that letters have been sent to affected property owners.  If you think you are affected by the project, but have not received a letter, you should call MTA yourself to request this information.  Also, keep in mind that engineering work is still underway, so property impacts could change.

Phases of the project

  • First Phase is 105th St/2nd Ave to 63rd St/3rd Ave
  • Second Phase is 125th St from 96th St
  • Third Phase is 63rd St to Houston (Intro to T train)
  • Fourth Phase is Houston St to Hanover Square

– Phase I is funded and currently under construction.  There are 2 tunnels, 3 stations in phase 1.  The stations are located at 96th St, 86th St and 72nd St.

– They are planning on Digging 8.5 Miles of new tunnel from 125th St in Harlem S to Hanover Square.  Exact location has yet to be determined.

– Phases 2, 3 and 4 are currently not funded

– Preliminary information suggests a new station location at 125th St.

An additional two-track connection is planned between the line towards Lower Manhattan (around 62nd Street) and the IND 63rd Street Line towards Queens; current plans don’t call for it to be used by regular service. Provisions are also being made for an extension north under Second Avenue past 125th Street to the Bronx, and an extension south to Brooklyn.

Eminent domain can be used to acquire property if negotiations can not be reached.  Property owners may qualify for attorney fee recovery in their pursuit of just compensation under New York Eminent Domain Law if the final award is substantially greater than the condemning authority’s offer.  Read more about New York Eminent Domain Law.

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