Kosciuszko Bridge Project Update

Planning and development for the Kosciuszko Bridge Project has continued steadily since we last updated our blog over a year ago.

Since the signing of the Record of Decision in early 2009, property acquisition has begun, and the NY DOT has been working on the initial phases of the Final Design for preferred alternative BR-5, which will lay the groundwork for developing and completing the detailed design of the new bridge structure.   The NY DOT is considering four options for the main bridge span (images courtesy of NY DOT are following): Box girder, Deck Arch, Through Arch, Cable Stayed.  A public meeting was held in February 2010, and video representations of each bridge design option were showed in order to seek public input.

Bridge Span Design Options-courtesy of the NY DOT

Bridge Span Design Options-courtesy of the NY DOT

Not surprisingly, property acquisitions are proceeding slowly.  Our firm has met with several property owners and also viewed their affected properties.  From these site visits, in addition to several other conversations with property owners, it is evident that the DOT will have a difficult time determining the true value of some of the properties in the area.  Much of the property is zoned industrial and occupied by businesses with large machinery; additionally, billboards will be removed which are currently a source of revenue for owners.  These issues oftentimes complicate the appraisal process and can lead to incorrect valuations and insufficient offers.

We have received confirmation of one property owner settling with the DOT, and many other owners have informed us that they received an appraisal but not an offer.

Property acquisition should continue thru 2013 and construction is scheduled to begin in 2014.  Learn more about the New York eminent domain process.

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