Highway 16 Extension near Boise, ID

Image courtesy of the Idaho Transportation Department

Image courtesy of the Idaho Transportation Department

The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) is planning on extending Highway 16 from US20/26 (Chinden Blvd) to Idaho 44 (W State St) in early 2012. This project will require a new Boise River Crossing and a connection with Idaho 44 across private property.

ITD officials claim that this new highway will provide a north-south connection in the Treasure Valley between Chinden Blvd and W State St. that is vital to the region as population continues to grow. Ultimately, Idaho 16 will connect with I-84 to the South.

The Federal Highway Administration has given the Highway 16 Extension Project environmental approval, which allows the ITD to proceed with final design, property acquisition and construction. The project is fully funded for all phases with property acquisition underway shortly and construction scheduled to begin in January 2012.

Property Owners affected by the project are encouraged to have an eminent domain attorney review their offer and appraisal.   When the government makes an offer to you, it will tell you that it represents fair market value.  It may even show you an appraisal.  But be aware, appraisals can vary, and the government’s may be a low one.  If you reject the government’s offer, it still has to pay you that money, and this does not jeopardize your right to get more money in the eminent domain hearing.

Oftentimes, a property owner will only receive just compensation by allowing condemnation to occur. In condemnation, an owner can show that the rules for highest and best use will produce a higher price than the amount offered by the government.

If you pursue a claim for additional compensation, you should know that in Idaho, attorney’s fees and costs may be paid for by the government if the final award is 10% higher than the offer made to you by the government.  This law significantly helps property owners with their claims for additional just compensation.

Learn more about eminent domain in Idaho, highest and best use valuation, selecting an appraiser, and speaking to the authorities.


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